Pancho TNT

Pancho T.N.T OFF DA SALSA Music

Reynosa, Tamaylipas, México. Dallas, Texas.



Francisco Camarena, Born September 1986 in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, México. At a young age, music was always a passion for Francisco, out it wouldn't be till 15years later and a move to Dallas, Texas with his parents, that would align his musical path. On stage he's known as Pancho T.N.T a Mexican-American Independent Rapper, but it wasn't always lights, camera, action for Pancho T.N.T. Upon moving to Dallas, he became heavily involved in Gangs, Drugs, and influences from the Streets. He attended his local high school, but as most troubled teens growing up, had a hard time adjusting, and eventually dropped-out. A year later, this teen found himself behind bars not understanding how to move forward, not only in life, but with a musical dream. Realizing this was not the life he wanted, he made a promise to straighten out his life, by speaking on past experiences which can be heard, but more importantly felt through his music. You are invited to enter into this world of heartbreak, deception, crime, and passion. | |